I thank the lord for abigail christensen

I hadn’t been happy for a very long time until I found Abigail Christensen.

I was always angry and sad.  I have a daughter with the man I always loved but one day I came back home from work and he was gone. His wardrobe was empty and none of his things were in the house.

I was scared, and mad and sad, because I instantly knew he had left me right there, alone with my little daughter.

Minutes after, I found an envelope under my pillow with my name on it. It was his goodbye letter.

It said he had fallen in love with another woman and couldn’t handle our relationship anymore.

My heart was broken, I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I didn’t know where to find him. I’ve spoken to my neighbors and no one knew anything about him. He was literally disappeared.

Next I went to the police but they said they couldn’t help me because it was a “free decision”. I came home crying and felt this was actually the end.

I come from a christian family, but after thousands of prayers nothing seem to be working. I started to believe in magic. I really hadn’t noting else to lose. I spent ten months discovering almost everyone was a scammer or a false promiser, so I kept trying all kinds of magic. I am glad I kept my efforts to find a real witch, this was how I met Abigail.

I contacted her and I told my story.  Fortunately she decided to help me right away and she cast a love spell to make my soul mate to come back to me. After a psychic reading, she found this woman was controlling my husband with a voodoo doll, and that is why he couldn’t resist her.

Long story short, after three weeks from the moment Abigail did the spell, while I was cooking his favorite dish just to remember the perfume of my past, my bell rang. My heart was pumping crazily because somehow I knew who it was. When I opened the door I barely could stay on my feet. I saw my husband right there on his knees with his bags on his sides. He grabbed my legs with passion, crying and asking me to forgive him. I was amazed, I couldn’t believe it, it had almost been a year without him.

Now we are in love again and our relationship is full of romance just like the old times… I am so happy I found her, and I found love again with her help.

I only wanted to share this story with you as I seen too few success stories in general. Maybe mine can inspire and comfort people who uses spell casters and in this case Abigail Christensen from secretwitchcraft.com


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